Here are some of my favorite blogs & websites I follow for little bits of inspiration and happiness:

As You Evolve – Artist. Writer. Explorer Kristen Runvick

Wolftree Magazine – Artists. Dreamers. Adventurers of The Midwest  http://vimeo.com/70072462

Raine Design – Beautiful jewelry by  Chelsea Thorson

AENDEE – Handcrafted Up-cycled Neckties and Accessories by Ashley Nicole Dedin

Life Uprooted – Healing and connecting people through storytelling – Randi Olsen

Unglued Marketplace – Located Downtown Fargo. A collection of  130 Local and Regional Artists work

Misfit Inc. – Living Life With Intention. Visit the link. Words can hardly express how the Misfits have changed my life

J.Alan Paul Photography – Stunning and Unique Photography Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN Area

Bakeology –  The best cupcakes in the world. Located in Fargo, ND !

Taea Made – Maker of hip & unique embroidered stuff, and other awesome things. Artist Emily Brooks.

Jana Morgan – Hawaii Surf Culture & Lifestyle Photographer

Erin Kenepp – Mixed Media Artist & Registered Art Therapist

Mae Chevrette  – Mixed Media Artist

Sabrina Ward Harrison – Creative Pioneer/ Artist

Smile and Wave – Life Style Blog

Brave Girls Club – Inspiring Page for Brave Girls

Enchanted Fine Florals  – Amazing Flower Arrangements