My Studio

I have a love for creative spaces. For the first time in 8 years I have a studio. I have wooden boxes filled with paint samples, vintage postcards, and photographs. Stacks of books line my shelves and the walls are covered in little bits of inspiration. I have found that the space evolves over time. A day by day journey.  I have a window that looks out to the backyard letting in the most beautiful light. I catch myself spending time photographing the light when it casts on my studio table more than I am creating art. I know this is part of the process, connecting with my space. This space not only holds my supplies, but the foundation for my creative dreams and passions.  I love creating early in the morning with a cup of coffee and music as well as late at night in my pjs. Create the space you most need to find. Let it unfold. Bring flowers, found objects, photos, torn out pages from magazines, your favorite coffee mug, put on your favorite music… remind yourself that this your space to create, create a feeling, create art, a memory, a moment. Just sit. breathe. nothing more. nothing less.


My space unfolding…

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