I Love

i love the fall
and the sound of an acoustic guitar
i love greeting cards
and funky stores
i love typography
and photography
i love the harmonica
and the sound of the violin
i love seeing new things
and capturing them with my camera
i love downtown’s
and being near the water
i love inspirational words
and sending cards in the mail
i love being a twin
and the number 13
i love independent coffee houses
and flickr
i love being from Minnesota
and that i lived in other places
I love walking
and snuggling
i love my Great Dane Dakota
and cold sunny crisp days
i love plastic framed glasses
and having down time in the morning
i love to collage
and make a mess
i love meeting new people
and getting amused by the weirdest things
i love being creative
and having people come visit
i love music
and cowboy boots
i love dancing
and singing
i love stationary and pens
and  finding new music
i love eating healthy
i love being creative
and meeting new people
i love flower shops
and sharing my life with others
i love big cities, small towns
and wide open spaces

I love being an artist.

Create Your Life. Live Your Journey.